About Doctors Natural Products

The Natural Doctors Products are committed to developing great natural and nutritional supplements.

The Doctors Natural Products is committed to providing products of quality with proven efficacy as well as demonstrated safety.

They were developed to have:

  • General cell support effects
  • Specific anti-ageing effects (based on some of the cell changes that occur with ageing)
  • Specific weight loss effects and
  • To have specific well being effects (in addition to the above general cell supportive actions)by correcting nutrient deficiencies common in most westerners (this is based on Dr Eccles’ own clinical measurements on patients as well as published scientific studies). These imbalances are not often measured by doctors and certainly not together. Says Dr Eccles “As an expert in nutritional medicine, I am not aware of any other commercially available products that are able to achieve such broad effects in 2 formulae”. They have been developed as formulas to empower

Other potential benefits are:

  • Supporting Bone mineral density loss
  • Supporting Cardiovascular health
  • Supporting Breast health
  • Support of Brain health
  • Support of Uterus and Ovary and prostate health

Hi Derek, I was wondering about those supplements (Nutricell) which I have to say are the best i’ve had. I can honestly say that now that i’ve been taking them for about a year. wow… I haven’t gotten sick, I feel good, etc. is there anyway I can have more sent to me in London?
– Belinda Mason

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